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This is a on-going work to establish what are the characteristics of quality.


[edit] What is good software

In order to classify example projects to gain experience in our analysis, we have to know what project is to be considered as a good or bad project.

Different perspectives can be adopted to consider quality:

  • Transcendental view: quality can be recognized but hard to define.
  • User view: fitness for purpose.
  • Manufacturing view: conformance to specifications.
  • Product view: innards hidden, outside black-box works and is available.
  • Value view: amount someone will pay (balance between risk and quality).

[edit] Intuitive measures

The first ideas that come to mind to measure software success are:

  • Defect Density: a nice insight on the product quality but this highly depends on the testers and usage of the software.
  • User satisfaction: a good end-user feedback. But difficult to know -- we cannot get surveys for all of the products that we want to measure.

[edit] Standards

[edit] ISO/IEC 9126

maisqual:ISO/IEC 9126 is probably a good starting point, for its wide recognition.

ISO/IEC 9126 defines 6 characteristics for internal and external quality:

ISO/IEC 9126 also defines 4 characteristics for the quality in use:

[edit] ISO/IEC 25000

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