Data Gathering Protocol for Legacy Open Source Projects

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This document was a draft and has been superseded by Historic Data Retrieval Process.

This article describes the data gathering protocol used for legacy open source projects, i.e. projects that we analyse afterwards from data that we can get after they have been generated.

For the day-to-day analysis, better check the Data Gathering Protocol for Open Source Projects page.


[edit] Process execution

This protocol is to be applied once for each project. This results in a different set of data than with daily analysis data.

The frequency analysis varies according to the means we have for each project.

[edit] Monthly-scoped Analysis

A monthly retrieval of data allows to (roughly) follow the evolution of development for a specific release.

[edit] Metrics

[edit] Change Management


[edit] Releases-scoped analysis

This is the largest granularity available.

[edit] Metrics

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