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This is the on-going work on JIMSE 2012 workshop.


[edit] Proposed summary

[edit] Introduction

  • Give context,
  • what we want to achieve,
  • expose issues related to these methods.

[edit] State of the art

[edit] Data Mining

What has been done for our purpose: time series, ACPs, data mining methods applied to software engineering.

[edit] Software Engineering & metrics

Metrics proposed, feedback from experience, existing links between metrics and attributes of quality.

[edit] Data Model

[edit] Data model architecture

What is a data, what are the attributes.

[edit] Practices model

Define the model, how do we fulfill it.

[edit] Quality model

Define the model, how do we fulfill it.

[edit] Running Analyses

Describing the process.

[edit] Data retrieval

What information, where it is, how we get it.

[edit] Data Treatments

What treatments are applied to data before analysis.

[edit] Analysis

Jenkins is used as a scheduler, SQuORE is used as the engine.

[edit] Further work

Where we want to go (caution with this paragraph!).

[edit] Conclusion

Long process, need for automation..

[edit] See also

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