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This article lists examples of practices that we can detect and/or mine, along with hints about their retrieval and identification.

Type of practices can be:

  • Boolean: is there a Configuration Management plan?
  • Ratio: 3 out of 5.
  • Numeric: number of commits since last version.
  • Enumerate: which you use a configuration management tool?

Practices are retrieved from:

  • SQuORING people own experience.
  • Well-known development methods: Agile, Lean, XP, Scrum, etc.
  • Projects history; see Data To Mine.


[edit] Configuration Management

  • Use a Configuration Management Tool.
  • Document guidelines for configuration management use.

[edit] Development methodology

  • Setup Peer reviews.
  • Use Naming Conventions.
  • Use Design Patterns.
  • Use defensive programming.

[edit] Build & Release Management

  • Use a build tool (Makefile, Ant, etc.) to ease the build process.
  • Use a dependencies management tool (Maven, ivy, etc.) to ease the build process.
  • Document how to build the product.
    • Is the build process easily reproducible?
  • Document the release process (steps before the product can be delivered).

[edit] Test Management

  • Use Unit Testing
    • Unit testing coverage?
  • Use Integration Testing Coverage
    • Integration testing coverage?
  • Use Functional Testing
    • Functional testing coverage?
    • Requirements coverage?
  • Test early, test often
  • Document how to test the product.
    • Is the testing process easily reproducible?

[edit] Project Planning

  • Write a release plan.
  • Publish the release plan to team.
  • Publish the release plan to users.
  • Publish progress of development.

[edit] Measurement & Analysis

  • Run static code analysis.
    • Incomplete/Performed/Managed/Defined.
  • Run dynamic code analysis.
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