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For this release, please answer the following questions:


  • Has an architectural change occurred? On what application/directory/file/class/function?
  • Did some great decision in the team management occurred?


  • Is there a defined release management process?
  • Is there a defined requirement management program?
  • Is there a defined quality assessment program?
  • Are there peer reviews?
  • Project meetings setup regularly? How often?
  • Code inspection?
  • Design inspection?

Configuration Management:

  • Do you use a configuration management tool?
  • How long between the previous branche setup and the release? How many commits?
  • How many different developpers contributed code? What is the variance?
  • What is the average number of modified lines between file versions? For the whole release?


  • Do you have unit tests?
  • Do you have integration/system tests?
  • Do you have functional tests?
  • Do you have a testing plan?
  • Do you have testing objectives?
  • Do you have automated testing setup?
  • Is testing a part of the continuous integration process?
  • Do testing enter in the release management process?


  • Is user documentation easily available?
  • Is there process management documentation?
  • Are there requirement documents?
  • Is there a configuration management plan?
  • Is there a change management plan?
  • Is there a roadmap?
  • Is there design documentation?
  • Are there coding conventions?
  • Are there naming conventions?
  • Is there testing documentation?
  • Is there a user manual?
  • Is there an installation guide, if relevant?
  • Is there and administration guide, if relevant?
  • Is the documentation translated? How many languages and how much (%) of the documentation is covered?


  • Mailing Lists & Forums: volume, variance, etc.
  • Time to answer forum question.
  • Time to answer mailing list question.
  • Number of support requests opened.
  • Number of support requests re-opened.
  • Time to close support requests.
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