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This is the monthly checkpoint for summarising work that have been accomplished recently. Please feel free to comment.


[edit] Timesheet

22/08/2011	Update Wiki Glossary
23/08/2011	Toulouse + Update Wiki
24/08/2011	Update Wiki Metrics
25/08/2011	Metrics
26/08/2011	Metrics
29/08/2011	Metrics + Models Squore
30/08/2011	Toulouse
31/08/2011	Metrics + Standards
01/09/2011	Documentation : Maisqual MediaWiki > DocBook
02/09/2011	Documentation : Maisqual MediaWiki > DocBook + DocBook
05/09/2011	Documentation : Maisqual MediaWiki > DocBook + DocBook
06/09/2011	Documentation : Mise en Forme Wiski + Wiski MediaWiki > DocBook
07/09/2011	Lectures Recherche
12/09/2011	Lectures Recherche
13/09/2011	Toulouse
14/09/2011	Install SQuORE 2011C + script metriques SQuORE > DocBook
15/09/2011	Documentation : DocBooks + script metriques SQuORE > DocBook
16/09/2011	Documentation : DocBooks + script Mediawiki > DocBook Standards
19/09/2011	Documentation : Wiski + DocBooks
20/09/2011	Toulouse
21/09/2011	Documentation : Script Reference Manual + DocBooks
22/09/2011	Documentation : Openwiski
29/09/2011	Toulouse
30/09/2011	Point mensuel + RDV Philippe

[edit] What has been done since last timeline point

[edit] Glossary and Standards

The glossary and standards categories have been finalized for the September deadline. There are now 408 articles in the Glossary category, 94 articles in the Standards category, 20 articles in the Metrics category.

[edit] Readings

The following papers have been read and summarized:

[edit] SQuORING Documentation

Some work has been accomplished for the SQuORING documentation: Product Documentation on the SQuORING internal wiski.

[edit] Private wiki

The following articles have been added to the private wiki:

[edit] Next steps

The Process Overview article proposes some ideas for the future engine and quality models. We should discuss how we imagine things for the next months of work and setup a roadmap (which may change on the way) and clear objectives.

From now on, and until the end of the year, we will be focused on:

  • Reading research articles on Data Mining and Metrics.
  • Trying to get some graphics about software evolution, and start to gather statistical informations.
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