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This is the monthly checkpoint for summarising work that have been accomplished recently. Please feel free to comment.


[edit] Timesheet

03/10/2011: [These] Lectures - Exploration des BDD de métriques FLOSS/UDD
07/10/2011: [These] - Installation PC - Point Aout Septembre - Tel PPR
10/10/2011: [These] Synthese des travaux
14/10/2011: [These] - MAJ private Maisqual - Exploration des BDD de métriques FLOSS/UDD & SQuORE
17/10/2011: [These] - Lectures - Exploration des BDD de métriques FLOSS/UDD & SQuORE
21/10/2011: [These] Readings - FLOSS quality models
24/10/2011: [These] Readings - Recommendation systems
28/10/2011: [These] Update private wiki (Data To Mine, etc.) + Projects Apache / JBoss
31/10/2011: [These] Readings - Recommendation systems

[edit] What has been done since last timeline point

[edit] Readings

The following papers have been read and summarised:

[edit] Projects

Two projects will be investigated in deep to try to catch some information on their software repositories and history.

Apache Ant has been analysed with SQuORE, and the results still need to be further reviewed.

JBoss is on the way too, but the repositories (svn until last version, and git since) are too slow.

[edit] Private Wiki

The following articles have been added to the private wiki.

They are merely notes about how we can get the historical data about a project.

A new category has been added to the private wiki: Category:Data to Mine. It should gather all information about the data we want to retrieve. Well, mine then retrieve.

This is still like fuzz ideas until now, but we should be able to start organising it in the next weeks/months. *That* will be a great advance in the project.

The Process Overview has also been reviewed and modified. This is an ongoing work, but things advance.

[edit] Next steps

What we should do from now is:

  • Try to analyse/understand the pilot projects we chosen (Ant and JBoss for now).
  • Start to write an article to be published (first know what could be said).
  • Continue readings on recommender systems and software quality.
  • Prepare the meeting that will be held in Paris at the end of the month.

We aim to be able to define a roadmap with clear objectives at the end of the year (December).

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