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This is the monthly checkpoint for summarising work that have been accomplished recently. Please feel free to comment.


[edit] Timesheet

04/11/2011: [These] Timeline Octobre + Projects Apache / JBoss
07/11/2011: [These] Update Wiki + Reading empirical studies of SE.
14/11/2011: [These] Update Private Wiki + Readings
18/11/2011: [These] Update Wiki + Synthèse
25/11/2011: [These] Timeline 2011.11 + Prepa RDV 29/11
28/11/2011: [These] Prepa RDV 29/11
29/11/2011: [These] Point These Paris

[edit] What has been done since last timeline point

[edit] Readings

This following articles have been read and summarised:

[edit] Thoughts

The following articles have been added/improved:

[edit] Next steps

Check the 2011.11 Milestone Report for more information on where we are and what are the next steps.

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