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Base Measures are the primary items we capture on development process and product.


[edit] Topology

Each base measure is composed of:

  • an ID,
  • a name,
  • a description
  • a type, which can be boolean (e.g. Is there a CCM plan?), integer (e.g. How many unit tests are there?), etc.
  • a question[1], which describes what we want from the base measure.

[edit] Base measures usage in models

Base measures can then be combined into different attributes of quality, and/or practices.

Consider the following base measures:

  • Base Measure BM_BUILD_CI_PUBLISHED_USERS: Are the continuous integration results published to users?
  • Base Measure BM_MANUAL_USER: Is there a user manual?
  • Base Measure BM_CODE_VG: What is the cyclomatic number of the full application?
  • Base Measure BM_WEBSITE_AFFLUENCE: What is the average number of daily visitors on the project website?
  • Base Measure BM_WEBSITE_FAQ_NUMBER: How many questions are there in the project FAQ?

These can be combined into the following quality attributes and/or practices:

  • Practice P_COM_WEBSITE: Setup a website to communicate with users.
  • Practice P_DOC_DOCS: Publish a user manual to help users use the software at its best.
  • Practice P_COM_PROGRESS: Communicate the progress of development to users.
  • Quality Attribute QA_MAINTAINABILITY: How stable is your build?
  • Quality Attribute QA_COMPLEXITY: How complex is the software?

[edit] Organisation

Base measures have been merely organised in rough categories of domain: configuration management, project management, requirements, etc.

Check the extensive list of base measures in the Base measures category.

[edit] References

  1. Check the Goal-Question-Metric paradigm.
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