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This page lists on-going actions.


Current actions


  • Refactor the public maisqual web site:
    • Move or delete contents from private to public (private is not read anyway).
    • Clean polarsys stuff.
  • Work on phd report:
    • State of the art


Will really try to publish at:

  • ICSE 2014 (International Conference on Software Engineering), held on 01/06/2014 in Hyderabad, India. Deadline for submissions: 13/09/2013. Tracks to be followed:
    • Research papers
    • SEIP (Software Engineering In Practice)
    • NIER (?)
    • Doctoral Symposium
  • MSR 2014 (Mining Software Repositories), held with ICSE 2014. No information for now.
  • FASE 2014 (International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering), held on 05/05/2014 in Grenoble, France. Deadline for submissions: 11/10/2013.

Will try to publish at:

  • JSE 2014 (International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications), held on 02/01/2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. Deadline for submissions: 05/08/2013
  • ECIR 2014 (European Conference on Information Retrieval), held on 13/05/2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Deadline for submissions: 14/10/2013.
  • Journal: Challenges in Open Access Publishing for Software Engineering and Information Systems Fields. Deadline: 01/10/2013.
  • Journal: IEEE Software Special Issue on Reflective Practice. Deadline: 20/10/2013.

These have to be matched against the following papers ideas:

  • A practitionner approach to software engineering data mining
  • Tools relevance:
    • Findbugs
    • Checkstyle
  • Shapes of Software: templates for evolution & distribution of metrics
  • Dimensionality reduction (?)

Next steps

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