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This is the timeline milestone for the month of July, 2012.

Where we are

About project analyses:

  • We gathered metrics and information from different projects: Ant, GCC, SVN, Linux.
  • We applied some statistics to these projects, and drew some conclusions from there.
  • We started defining an automated process for analysis of projects (Jenkins + Squore).
  • We defined some Base Measures and began organising them in practices and quality attributes.

What is to be done right next

Mostly work on statistics.

We now have many data available, we need to setup an analysis process to make it repeatable on other projects.

We should:

  • Statically analyse the projects we have: for a single version, analyse repartition of files metrics, and get to know how static, normal applications are built.
  • Analyse the evolution of metrics across the different versions.
  • Start finding correlations between metrics. This won't be enough, but will draw a line for the next projects with many more metrics.

Then we should write a process for repeating it on other projects.

What is next

The next big steps are:

  1. Preliminary analysis of projects (Ant, Eclispe, GCC, SVN), with current information.
  2. Automate the process and apply it to many different projects.
  3. Write a report with results of projects analysis.
  4. Implémentation d'un modèle et des data providers associés
    1. Identification des métriques (base measures).
    2. Documentation des métriques et de leur méthode de récupération.
    3. Implémentation des data providers (mode live).
    4. Re-exécuter l'analyse préliminaire avec les nouvelles métriques.
  5. Application du modèle à des projets en masse.
  6. Write a report with results of projects analysis.


  • Finish ICSSEA 2012 and JIMSE 2012 papers.
  • Write the Data Providers for the Base Measures defined.
  • Write the Maisqual Model for the first analyses.
  • Write a glossary of all metrics involved in the process.
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