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Object[1] that is to be characterised by measuring its attributes. [ ISO/IEC 15939, ISO/IEC 25000 ]

Other Definitions

Entity [ IEEE 1320
The representation of a set of real or abstract things that are recognized as the same type because they share the same characteristics and can participate in the same relationships.
Entity [ ISO/IEC 15474
An object (i.e., thing, event or concept) that occurs in a model (i.e., transfer).
Entity [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
In computer programming, any item that can be named or denoted in a program.
Entity [ ISO/IEC 29881
Logical component of the data store, representing fundamental things of relevance to the user, and about which persistent information is stored.


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  1. An object can be a process, product, project, or resource.
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