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A cluster of related activities that, when performed collectively, achieve a set of goals considered important for establishing process capability. [ CMMi ]


The key process areas have been defined to reside at a single maturity level. They are the areas identified by the SEI to be the principal building blocks to help determine the software process capability of an organization and understand the improvements needed to advance to higher maturity levels.

  • The Level 2 key process areas in the CMMi are Requirements Management, Software Project Planning, Software Project Tracking and Oversight, Software Subcontract Management, Software Quality Assurance, and Software Configuration Management.
  • The Level 3 key process areas in the CMMi are Organization Process Focus, Organization Process Definition, Training Program, Integrated Software Management, Software Product Engineering, Intergroup Coordination, and Peer Reviews.
  • The Level 4 key process areas are Quantitative Process Management and Software Quality Management.
  • The Level 5 key process areas are Defect Prevention, Technology Change Management, and Process Change Management.

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