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International Standard IEEE 1320.2

IEEE Standard for Conceptual Modeling Language - Syntax and Semantics for IDEF1X97 (IDEFobject)

Years: 1998


IDEF1X/sub 97/ consists of two conceptual modeling languages. The key-style language supports data/information modeling and is downward compatible with the US government's 1993 standard, FIPS PUB 184. The identity-style language is based on the object model with declarative rules and constraints. IDEF1X/sub 97/ identity style includes constructs for the distinct but related components of object abstraction: interface, requests, and realization; utilizes graphics to state the interface; and defines a declarative, directly executable Rule and Constraint Language for requests and realizations. IDEF1X/sub 97/ conceptual modeling supports implementation by relational databases, extended relational databases, object databases, and object programming languages. IDEF1X/sub 97/ is formally defined in terms of first order logic. A procedure is given whereby any valid IDEF1X/sub 97/ model can be transformed into an equivalent theory in first order logic. That procedure is then applied to a meta model of IDEF1X/sub 97/ to define the valid set of IDEF1X/sub 97/ models.


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