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International Standard ISO/IEC 14143-1

Information technology -- Software measurement -- Functional size measurement

Part 3: Verification of functional size measurement methods

Year: 2003.


ISO/IEC TR 14143-3:2003 establishes a framework for verifying the statements of an FSM Method and/or for conducting tests requested by the verification sponsor, relative to the following performance properties:

  • repeatability and reproducibility;
  • accuracy;
  • convertibility;
  • discrimination threshold;
  • applicability to Functional Domains.

Note that statements and test requests relative to other performance properties are outside the scope of ISO/IEC TR 14143-3:2003. ISO/IEC TR 14143-3:2003 aims to ensure that the output from the verification is objective, impartial, consistent and repeatable. The verification report, produced as a result of applying ISO/IEC TR 14143-3:2003, will enable the prospective user to select the FSM Method which best meets their needs.


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