Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering

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Author: Stephen H. Kan

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Year: 2002

ISBN: 0201729156

Length: 528


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  1. What is Software Quality?
  2. Software Development Process Models
  3. Fundamentals of Measurement Theory
  4. Software Quality Metrics Overview
  5. Applying the Seven Basic Quality Tools in Software Development
  6. Defect Removal Effectiveness
  7. The Rayleigh Model
  8. Exponential Distribution and Reliability Growth Models
  9. Quality Management Tools
  10. In-Process Metrics for Software Testing
  11. Complexity Methods and Models
  12. Metrics and Lessons Learned for Object-Oriented Projects
  13. Availability Metrics
  14. Measuring and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction
  15. Conducting In-Process Quality Assessments
  16. Conducting Software Project Assessments
  17. Dos and Don'ts of Software Process Improvement
  18. Using Function Point Metrics to Measure Software Process Improvement
  19. Concluding Remarks
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