Mining Challenge 2010: FreeBSD, GNOME Desktop and Debian/Ubuntu

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In a young field, such as Mining Software Repositories (MSR), there is always a call for benchmarks so that researchers can compare their results against others. Thus in order to explore and discover the breadth of MSR research, the MSR community has banded together behind the MSR Mining Challenge. The mining challenge allows researchers to demonstrate current working techniques against a common set of repositories or datasets with the express purpose of mining interesting facts from these datasets and then comparing these results against the results from other researchers. This year, 2010, the MSR Mining Challenge has expanded the size of its underlying dataset to include the version control, bug tracker, and mailing lists of the following software distributions and projects: FreeBSD, GNOME Desktop and Debian/Ubuntu. Researchers are asked to look beyond the boundaries of a project and investigate the relationship between the evolution of various programs contained within these software ecosystems. 9 general challenge submissions were submitted, 6 were accepted with a 66% acceptance rate.

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