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System of activities, which use resources to transform inputs into outputs. [ [[ISO/IEC 25000] ]

Other Definitions

Process [ ISO/IEC 15504-9, ISO/IEC 15939
Set of interrelated activities that transform inputs into outputs.
Process [ ISO/IEC 2382
Predetermined course of events defined by its purpose or by its effect, achieved under given conditions.
Process (verb) [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
To perform operations on data.
Process [ ISO/IEC 15414
A collection of steps taking place in a prescribed manner and leading to an objective.
Process [ ISO/IEC 2382
In data processing, the predetermined course of events that occur during the execution of all or part of a program.


  • In [ISO 9000:2005] the term activities covers use of resources. A process may have multiple starting points and multiple end points. The prescribed manner may be a partially ordered sequence. A process specification can be a workflow specification. An enterprise specification may define types of processes and may define process templates. [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 ]

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