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Response For a Class

The Response For a Class is an object-oriented metric that shows the interaction of the class' methods with other methods. It has been introduced by Chidamber and Kemerer[1].



The Response For a Class is computed as:

RFC =  | RS |

where RS is the response set for the class.

Theoretical basis

The response set for the class can be expressed as:

RS = \{ M \} \cup_{all\ i} \{ R_i \}

where {Ri} = set of methods called by method i and {M} = set of all methods in the class


  • If a large number of methods can be invoked in response to a message, the testing and debugging of the class becomes more complicated since it requires a greater level of understanding required on the part of the tester.
  • The larger the number of methods that can be invoked from a class, the greater the complexity of the class.
  • A worst case value for possible responses will assist in appropriate allocation of testing time.

See also



  1. A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design
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