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An entity with discrete structure, such as an assembly or software module, within a system considered at a particular level of analysis. [ ISO/IEC 15026 ]

Other Definitions

Component [ SIGIST
A minimal software item for which a separate specification is available.
Component [ IEEE 829
One of the parts that make up a system.
Component [ ISO/IEC 29881
Set of functional services in the software, which, when implemented, represents a well-defined set of functions and is distinguishable by a unique name.
Software Component [ IEEE 1061
A general term used to refer to a software system or an element, such as module, unit, data, or document.
Software Component [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
A functionally or logically distinct part of a software configuration item, distinguished for the purpose of convenience in designing and specifying a complex SCI as an assembly of subordinate elements.


  • A component may be hardware or software and may be subdivided into other components. The terms "module," "component," and "unit" are often used interchangeably or defined to be subelements of one another in different ways depending upon the context. The relationship of these terms is not yet standardized. A component may or may not be independently managed from the end-user or administrator's point of view. [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 ]

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