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Individual or organisation that sponsors measurement, provides data, is a user of the measurement results or otherwise participates in the measurement process. [ ISO/IEC 15939 ]

Other Definitions

Stakeholder [ ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15288, ISO/IEC 15939
Individual or organization having a right, share, claim, or interest in a system or in its possession of characteristics that meet their needs and expectations.
Stakeholder [ IEEE 1490
Person or organization (e.g. customer, sponsor, performing organization, or the public) that is actively involved in the project, or whose

interests may be positively or negatively affected by execution or completion of the project. A stakeholder may also exert influence over the project and its deliverables.


  • End users, end user organizations, supporters, developers, producers, trainers, maintainers, disposers, acquirers, supplier organizations and regulatory bodies. [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 ]


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