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International Standard ISO/IEC 15910.

Information technology -- Software user documentation process


This standard is revised by the ISO/IEC 26512:2011 standard.


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This International Standard specifies the minimum process for creating all forms of user documentation for software which has a user interface. Such forms of documentation include printed documentation (e.g. user manuals and quick-reference cards), on-line documentation, help text and on-line documentation systems.

This International Standard conforms with ISO/IEC 12207:1995, Information technology Software life cycle processes, as an implementation of the user documentation part of 6.1: Documentation.

If effectively applied, this International Standard will support the development of documentation which meets the needs of the users.

This International Standard is intended for use by anyone who produces or buys user documentation.

This International Standard is applicable to not only printed documentation, but also help screens, the help delivery system, and the on-line text and delivery system.

This International Standard is intended for use in a two-party situation and may be equally applied where the two parties are from the same organization. The situation may range from an informal agreement up to a legally binding contract. This International Standard may be used by a single party as self-imposed tasks.

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