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The degree to which a relationship can be established between two or more products of the development process, especially products having a predecessor-successor or master-subordinate relationship to one another. [ IEEE 1233 ]

Other Definitions

Traceability [ IEEE 1362
The identification and documentation of derivation paths (upward) and allocation or flowdown paths (downward) of work products in the work product hierarchy.
Traceability [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
The degree to which each element in a software development product establishes its reason for existing.
Traceability [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
Discernable association among two or more logical entities, such as requirements, system elements, verifications, or tasks.


  • The degree to which the requirements and design of a given system element match; the degree to which each element in a bubble chart references the requirement that it satisfies. [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 ]

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