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Individual or organisation that uses the system to perform a specific function. [ ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15939 ]

Other Definitions

User [ ISO/IEC 9126
An individual that uses the software product to perform a specific function.
User [ ISO/IEC 26514
Person who performs one or more tasks with software; a member of a specific audience.
User [ ISO/IEC 25062
Person who interacts with the product.
User [ IEEE 1362
Individual or organization who uses a software-intensive system in daily work activities or recreational pursuits.
User [ ISO/IEC 15288, ISO/IEC 15939
Individual or group that benefits from a system during its utilization.
User [ ISO/IEC 14143, ISO/IEC 29881
Any person or thing that communicates or interacts with the software at any time.


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