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Identified instance of an item. [ ISO/IEC 12207 ]

Other Definitions

Version [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
An initial release or re- release of a computer software configuration item, associated with a complete compilation or recompilation of the computer software configuration item.
Version [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
An initial release or complete re- release of a document, as opposed to a revision resulting from issuing change pages to a previous release.
Version [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
An operational software product that differs from similar products in terms of capability, environmental requirements, and configuration.
Version [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765
An identifiable instance of a specific file or release of a complete system.


  • Modification to a version of a software product resulting in a new version requires configuration management action. [ ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 ]

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