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Maisqual stands for Maisqual Automagically Improves Software QUALity.

Maisqual is the underlying project of a PhD about "Automatic Improvement of Software Development Quality".

As such, this site is published as a reference for metrics, tools, articles and papers related to this subject. There are already 1,520 articles in the wiki, divided into the following categories:

  • Data sets are peer-reviewed data sets for data mining analysis.
  • Category:Maisqual Projects gathering information and csv of metrics for the projects been analysed (4 articles).
  • Category:Glossary referencing a common knowledge basis for words and semantics (422 articles).
  • Category:Metrics for everything related to software measurement: code and development process (20 articles).
  • Category:Standards referencing standards about software engineering (94 articles).
  • Category:Papers for all research papers and articles related to these subjects (26 articles).
  • Category:Books references books relating to these subjects (5 articles).

You can learn more about the maisqual project on the About Maisqual page.


Who is behind Maisqual

The Maisqual project is a collaboration between Squoring Technologies, the company publishing the SQuORE quality analyser, and the Sequel team at INRIA Lille. One strong wish is to bring together industry and scholar worlds to get the better of both, in an innovative and pragmatic work.

Boris Baldassari is the PhD student.

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