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Internal MeasureInternal QualityInternal Software Quality
InteroperabilityInteroperability TestingInterval Scale
ItemIterationJoining Maisqual
Key PracticesKey Process AreaKnowledge Base
Lack of Cohesion in MethodsLearnability
Lessons LearnedLevel of PerformanceLife Cycle
Life Cycle ModelMain Page
MaintainabilityMaintainability ComplianceMaintainer
MaintenanceMaintenance ManualMaisqual Metrics
Maisqual ProjectsMaisqual Projects/AntMaisqual Projects/Papyrus
Maisqual RulesMaturityMcCall Quality Model
Mean Time To FailureMeasurable ConceptMeasurand
MeasureMeasurementMeasurement Analyst
Measurement Experience BaseMeasurement FunctionMeasurement Method
Measurement ProcedureMeasurement ProcessMeasurement Process Owner
Measurement SponsorMeasurement UserMeasuring Software Product Quality: A Survey of ISO/IEC 9126
Metrics and Models in Software Quality EngineeringMilestoneMining Challenge 2010: FreeBSD, GNOME Desktop and Debian/Ubuntu
Mock ObjectModel
ModuleMoke ObjectMonitoring Software Quality Evolution for Defects
Multidimensional AnalysisNetwork
Nonfunctional RequirementNontechnical RequirementNumber of Children
OO Design Quality Metrics : an Analysis of Dependencies.ObjectObject Model
Object Oriented DesignObservationObservation Period
OperabilityOperandOperational Testing
OperatorOperator ManualOptional Attribute
Optional RequirementOrganisational Unit
Path AnalysisPath TestingPathological Coupling
Peer ReviewPerformancePerformance Indicator
Performance TestingPilot ProjectPortability
Portability CompliancePotentials and Challenges of Recommendation Systems for Software DevelopmentPractice
PrecisionPredictive MetricProcedure
ProcessProcess AssessmentProcess Assessment Model
Process CapabilityProcess Capability DeterminationProcess Capability Level
Process ContextProcess ImprovementProcess Improvement Objective
Process Improvement ProgramProcess Improvement ProjectProcess Metric
Process OutcomeProcess PerformanceProcess Purpose
ProductProduct LineProduct Metric
ProductivityProgrammer ManualProject
Project ManagementProject PhasePrototype
QualificationQualification TestingQuality
Quality AssuranceQuality ControlQuality Evaluation
Quality FactorQuality ManagementQuality Measure Element
Quality MetricQuality ModelQuality in Use
RatingRating LevelReadability
Recommendation Systems for Software EngineeringRecommender SystemsRecoverability
RecoveryReengineeringRegression Testing
ReleaseReliabilityReliability Compliance
Repeatability of Results of MeasurementsReplaceabilityReproducibility of Results of Measurements
Request For ChangeRequest For InformationRequest For Proposal
RequirementRequirements Analysis
Requirements DerivationRequirements DocumentRequirements Engineering
Requirements PartitioningRequirements ReviewRequirements Specification
Requirements TraceabilityRequirements Traceability MatrixResource
Resource UtilisationResponse For a ClassResult
RetirementReverse EngineeringRisk
Risk AcceptanceRisk AnalysisRobustness
SecurityServiceService Level Agreement
Setting Up Continuous AnalysisSimplicitySoftware
Software Asset Management
Software Development ProcessSoftware EngineeringSoftware Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure And How Do We Know
Software Intelligence: The Future of Mining Software Engineering DataSoftware ItemSoftware Life Cycle
Software Measurement: A Necessary Scientific BasisSoftware Metrics: A Guide to Planning Analysis and Application
Software Product EvaluationSoftware Quality
Software Quality CharacteristicSoftware Quality EvaluationSoftware Quality Measure
Software Quality Model Requirements for Software Quality EngineeringSoftware Repository
Software Testing and Continuous Quality ImprovementSoftware Unit
Software defect reduction top 10 listSource CodeSource Lines of Code
StakeholderStandardStandard Process
StatementStatement TestingStatement of Work
Static AnalysisStatistical Process ControlStep
Stress TestingStructural TestingStub
Support ManualSystemSystem Testing
TaskTeam Software ProcessTechnical Requirement
TechniqueTestTest Case
Test Case SuiteTest CoverageTest Documentation
Test EnvironmentTest ObjectiveTest Plan
Test ProcedureTestabilityTesting
Testing DescriptionThe Inductive Software Engineering Manifesto: Principles for Industrial Data MiningTime Behaviour
ToolTools for the Study of the Usual Data Sources Found in Libre Software ProjectsTotal Quality Management
UnderstandabilityUnit TestUnit of Measurement
UsabilityUsability ComplianceUser
User DocumentationUser ManualUsing Metrics To Manage Software Projects
VersionWeighted Methods per Class
Work Breakdown StructureWork Product

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